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Painting with powder and acrylic paints
KF-KIEL offers services on powder and acrylic painting.

Our company has a painting booth with dimensional sizes
1350x1990x2950mm and powder сoating with dimensions
3000x2000x1600mm, enabling to paint parts with dimensions
1350x1990x2950mm and with maximum weight 60 kg.

We have sandblasting booth for surface preparation prior to
painting for details with sizes 1200x790x790mm and with weight
up to 20 kg.
The technology of powder coating (polymer coating) - is the
most modern painting technique which widely used around the

Some of the significant advantages of powder coating:

       • The time for painting the products is reduced
       • The process of powder coating lasts just 10-15 minutes,     
depending on the firing temperature. Since solvents are not
used,   the time for drying is not needed.
       • Excellent painting of angles. In comparison with traditional             
painting methods using of powder coating  allows to reduce
significantly or even to eliminate completely the appearance of
paint layer gaps. There achieved a full painting of the surface,
and especially angles, thereby preventing the corrosion
       • Coating thickness control. In comparison with the
traditional painting method powder coating allows to achieve
uniform coating and if necessary thicker coating layer already
from the first painting.
       • There is available a wide range of paint types. Powder
painting allows to select any texture - glossy, decorative,
anticorrosive with uniform painting of the angles. There are also
available semi-matt, matt, metallic and other surfaces.
       • As a result of powder coating product has an attractive
appearance and durable high-quality surface.

In case there are technological restrictions on the use of
powder coating, our company has all technical capabilities
for high-quality painting of parts and products by modern
acrylic paints.