5-axis machining center
3-axis machining center
5-axis machining center. Manufacturing form
Casting fiberglass matrix by RTM
Punch for fiberglass molding by RTM method
Assembling Molds for fiberglass molding method RTM
Tool for cutting
Tool for cutting
Bust made on 5-axis machining center

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Production of tooling and sophisticated 3D products

«KF-KIEL» manufactures tooling for the products made by
thermoforming, as well as products of fiberglass by RTM. In
addition we produce moulds for the production of fiberglass

The models for the matrixes and die punches production are
made on  five-axle machining center with CNC ANTEY E8-1224
assigned for high-precision manufacturing of parts and pieces
having sophisticated large design, not allowing to produce it
with the required quality and speed on any other equipment.

The center allows handling pieces with sizes X/Y/Z up to

Types of materials processed:
Wood of any species, composite materials ( particle board,
fiberboard, MDF, plywood, etc.), «Alu-cobond», «Dibond», any
polystyrene (including PVC and polystyrene with
polycarbonate), getinaks, artificial gem, color metal, acrylic
glass and plexiglas, model plastic, etc.

Field of application of five-axle machining center:

Furniture manufacturing:
• Simple and complex facades (including carving and
curved facades), complex platbands for furniture,
elements of exclusive furniture and interiors.
• Sophisticated ladder elements

Interior decorating:
• Elements of fireplaces and billiard tables, bas-reliefs,
chandeliers, stairs, plinths and much more, all it with a
thread of any complexity.

Exterior decorating:
• figured plat bands for windows and doors threaded
decorative items for decoration of wooden houses and
balusters of the board for decorating terraces and
summer houses, fences, etc.

Exclusive products:
• Mirror frames, pictures, images of people and animals,
souvenirs, boxes, writing sets, watches, etc.

Doors production:
• Milling of curved cuts in panel framed doors for the
glass and panels.
• production of panels, including exclusive panels with
deep artisic carving.
• inlay of doors with fine wood, etc.
• Production of exclusive doors of fine wood.

Mould production:
• Production of master moulds, cast moulds, products
prototypes, vacuum forming moulds, stamps and cliches
of a variety of materials including aluminum, brass,
bronze, «CEBA-TOOL» and model plastic.

    • Creating a bulky of plastic products from, PVC, acrylic
acid and other materials. Engraving of letters, logos,
coasters, posters, etc.

Moreover our Company equipment fleet includes 3-jig machine
with CNC ROXA RX-1325B which allows handling pieces with
sizes 1200x2400x180mm.

Preferred file format for handling the products  on these
machines *.stp.

For specifying the cost of the work, please, send drawings in
any format to our managers to email:

We invite you for mutually beneficial cooperation!