Mock-up of seat
Mock-up of seat
Mock-up of KIWI seat
Design-project of MANGOI seat
Design-project of seat
Only the development is constant.
Our society is constantly advancing and changing and the requirements for transportation also change.
Trains and buses today have such opportunities that we could not have expected some time ago.

We try to apply in every way innovations in the sphere of technics, technology, labor and
management organization based on the use of science and best practices experience which ensure
qualitative efficiency increase of production system  and product quality.

In our company we pay special attention to advanced safety technologies. Seats manufactured by us,
not only keep up with the times, but it's a decisive step forward.

Our passion for innovation and creativity allows our customers to equip trains and buses with advanced
seats, thus responding to the future needs of society.

KF-KIEL opportunities in the development and prototyping:
       • Development of products design in accordance with ergonomic requirements   
       • 3D design (Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks)
       • The use of modern light materials
       • Development / Production / Project Management
       • Certification in accordance with the Russian standards
       • Prototype creation
       • Checking / Testing

Our goals:

       • Satisfying all market requirements and strict compliance with standards
       • High ergonomics
       • Innovativeness
       • Attractive design
       • Weight reduction
       • The highest quality level
       • Price reducing

How we work:

All our developments are carried out centrally and controlled to ensure the highest level of innovation,
quality and continuity. We cooperate with well-known accredited organizations for conducting
mechanical, climatic and fire protection tests. In addition, we are working in close cooperation with
external designers.

Representative office in Moscow:

2/4, build. 19, off. 115,
Luzhnetskaya Naberezhnaya Str.,
Moscow, 119270, Russia

Tel.: (495) 926-66-48
Fax: (495) 926-66-47
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Development and production
innovative seats for passenger

3, Sarovskaya Str.,
Novorossiysk, 353960, Russia

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