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Producing the products of fiberglass plastic

Our company, using advanced technological processes (RTM),
materials and equipment, produces a variety of fiberglass items.
Fiberglass plastic is a composite material consisting of filler and
synthetic resin binder. Products of fiberglass plastic are
characterized by high strength, dielectric properties, relatively
low density and thermal conductivity, high resistance to water,
weather and chemical resistance.

Fiberglass plastic products have the following advantages:

• resistant to moisture and corrosive air environments, isn't
exposed to corrosion;
• lighter than metal analogues with equal strength
• heat resistance and cold resistance (sufficient flexibility at low
• decorative parts lifetime is at least 15 years, as it is a
monolithic resin layer with frame with pigmented and
plasticizing additives;
• doesn't require special care;
• High maintainability;
• wide range of colors of fiberglass plastic products;
• fiberglass is not dangerous to human health since it contains no
volatile monomer compounds;
• meets the fire safety requirements on inflammability and
secretion of toxic substances during combustion.

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