Information for Suppliers

For a fruitful cooperation and reduction of possible risks associated with the supply of products, it's
necessary to meet the following requirements:

1. Prior to the beginning of producing goods manufactured according to the design documentation of
KFK LLC, the Supplier provides samples of serial products for the effecting first-order quality inspection by
the Customer (FAI - First Article Inspection). The period of providing and the quantity of products for the FAI
should be agreed with the Customer.

2. The Supplier should coordinate with the Customer the changes affecting the quality of the
product, such as changing the technological process, using other materials, etc.

3. In the case of manufacturing and / or shipment of non-conforming products, the Supplier shall
inform the representatives of KFK LLC about the volume and range of non-conforming products by e-mail
during the working day.

4. If the date of products shipment is postponed by the Supplier, the Supplier shall inform KFK LLC
about such delay with an indication of the reasons for the delivery postponement and new delivery dates.

5. Early products delivery is made by the Supplier in case of receiving confirmation from the Customer
by e-mail about readiness to receive such products.

6. Please, inform your personnel and suppliers about the following information letter.

7. By agreement between the Parties, an audit can be carried out on the territory of the Supplier in
respect of the manufactured products, including for the Customers of “KFK”, LLC and the supervisory
authorities (for example, in the case of investigation into various incidents).

There are the following risks for the products of "KFK", LLC in the field of safety in relation to
various groups of raw materials and components:
7.1. Risks for Fabric/leather:
7.1.1. Exceeding the degree of flammability
7.1.2. Exceeding the smoke rate
7.1.3. Exceeding the toxicity index
7.1.4. Non-compliance with sanitary norms

7.2. Risks for Polyurethane foam:
7.2.1. Exceeding the degree of flammability
7.2.2. Exceeding the smoke rate
7.2.3. Exceeding the toxicity index

7.3. Risks for Plywood:
7.3.1. Exceeding the degree of flammability
7.3.2. Exceeding the smoke rate
7.3.3. Exceeding the toxicity index

7.4. Risks for Plastic:
7.4.1. Exceeding the degree of flammability
7.4.2. Exceeding the smoke rate
7.4.3. Exceeding the toxicity index
7.4.4. Non-compliance with sanitary norms

7.5. Risks for Aluminum profile:
7.5.1. Non-compliance with the required strength characteristics

7.6. Risks for Metal rolling:
7.6.1. Non-compliance with the required strength characteristics


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