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Weldment processing
Turning, milling and welding works

«KF-KIEL» carries out turning, milling and welding works in
accordance with the drawings or sketches of the customer.
The works are carried out on modern turning lathes and milling
machines of high accuracy.

If necessary, we can prepare a complete set of design
documentation in electronic form in accordance with your
sketches with the help of skilled design engineers. Drawings
made by hand specifying dimensions, tolerances, material type
and thickness are allowed. The cost of preparing the drawings
in this case will be calculated on the basis of a standard hour of
designer work.

Our company and welders are certified in accordance with CL3
(CL2) and can offer services on welding the metal products.

For specifying the cost of the work, please, send drawings in
any format to our managers to email:

We invite you for mutually beneficial cooperation!

Representative office in Moscow:

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Moscow, 119270, Russia

Tel.: (495) 926-66-48
Fax: (495) 926-66-47
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