MATCH seat assembling process
MATCH seat assembling process. Output control.
AMADA CNC laser cuting machine
5-axis CNC machining center
Thermoforming process
What is good seat in our understanding?

An essential and important part of our success is a good design.
However perfect passenger seat can be created only on the
basis of technologies that meet all modern requirements and it
must get through harsh exploitation conditions which require
the highest quality of products.

Our products correspond to all these requirements, and this
provides its economic effectiveness for customers.

One of our tasks as well is to support companies in the production
of high quality products for the Russian market.
With putting new powerful modern equipment  into operation
«KF-KIEL» company began to render services of laser cutting,
bending, welding and powder coating to outside customers.

By using the technology of sheet metal laser cutting, there
appeared the opportunity to produce quickly and economically
complex forms parts for the production of various metal
constructions in different areas of machine engineering,
construction, advertising and decoration and design elements.

All this as well as the use of high-accuracy bending press with
CNC and powder coating both for protecting the products from
corrosion and allowing it to have decorative appearance
enable our customers to receive high quality finished products.

Design and engineering department of «KF-KIEL» company
offers you the development of necessary products as well as
design development.

We invite you for mutually beneficial cooperation!


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